I make stuff happen, build things and solve problems.  I’ve worked in a variety of innovative engineering leadership roles: controllingcommunicatingswitchingmonitoringcollaborating
educatingconversingmaking, and sharing.  I advise various organisations including Weir PLCthe Content Mine, and Good Night Lamp.

I thrive when collaborating with others, and appreciate the challenges of working with complex and novel technologies, and in unusual or evolving organisations.  I particularly enjoy creating and implementing pragmatic and sustainable solutions to real world problems.

I’m very grateful for support of various kinds over the years from NESTA, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the IETCorpus Christi College Cambridge and the EPSRC.  Many individuals have also assisted me along the way. Occasionally failing has helped, too.  

I’m originally from West Kirby, on the Wirral, and now I live in Impington, Cambridge, with the wonderful Michael Dales.  I find many things interesting.  Interesting things about me can be found through the links to the left, rather than here.  

I currently have a portfolio of fascinating projects, and am happy to hear about new opportunities, particularly board and advisory roles - get in touch to discuss such things.  I offer consultancy work in technology, innovation management, writing and more, through Newton Halewood LtdContact me for more information.

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